Britax Hi Way 2

The Britax Hi-Way 2 RF 0-25KG (0-55lb)

The Britax Hi-Way 2
RF 0-25KG (0-55lb)

The Hi-Way 2 is another one of Britax’s astonishing car setas. Harnessed to 25KG (55lb).

Same compact seat now with a new support leg. Hi-Way 2 has passed the worlds strictest car seat standard, The Swedish Plus Test, up to 25 kg earning the mark Test Plus Gold. 

Only three seats in the world have passed Plus Test up to 25 kg. The new support leg is now the same as on Multi Tech. Design has been improved and it’s also 10 cm longer which means Hi-Way 2 will fit virtually any car.plus_godknd

Hi-Way 2 is popular thanks to its low weight, compact size and ability to fit almost every vehicle. Hi-Way 2 allow rear facing 0-25 kg (0-55 lbs) and will keep most children rear facing past 4 years of age. Fits small and large cars – a favorite among parents who drive smaller cars.

Hi-Way 2 has a short seat cushion which gives nice leg room for kids and also require relatively little space in the car. Seat shell is nicely curved and provide excellent side impact protection. Those who look for more head support can add the “head support” accessory.

Angle is easily changed with a metal bar under the seat. Installation is straight forward with support leg and seat belt lockoffs.

Hi-Way 2 fit most cars, large or small. It’s well suited to parents with small cars (Ford Fiesta, Mini Cooper, Opel Corsa, VW Polo, etc) or a need to move seat between cars frequently.

• Certified rear facing 0-25 kg. (0-55 lbs)
• Versatile – fits virtually any car
• Requires little room due to short seat cushion and compact size
• Curved sides – excellent Side Impact Protection
• Installation with support leg and lockoffs
• Certified ECE R44/04

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