Axkid Kidzone

The Axkid Kidzone

The Axkid KidzoneKidzone combination seat RF 9-25KG (20-55lb) or 9-18KG FF (20-40lb)

Axkid Kidzone is one of the most flexible convertible child restraints on the market with its patented integrated self adjusting harness system and extra long support leg.  This seat can be used both rear-facing and forward facing.  The Kidzone restraint is very comfortable for your child with soft padded harness pads and comfortable head rest.  It is designed in line with the latest developments within child restraint safety, and in combination with the newly developed self adjusting harness system gives your child excellent protection in the event of an accident. Kidzone is certified in accordance with ECE044/04 and can be used 9-25 kg rear-facing,  9-18kg forward facing in five-point harness installed using the vehicle’s 3-point seat belt, and 15-25 kg as a forward facing booster seat.

  • Can be installed with the heel of the restraint upon the vehicle seat for a more suitable recline for a younger child
  • Deep side wings for extra side impact protection
  • Extra long support leg to enable installation in a wide variety of vehicles
  • Tether strap may be fed through tether point and back up to steel rod on back of Kidzone restraint for extra solid tethering
  • Three reclining positions
  • Seat cover machine washable in 30º

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