The Cheaper Car Seats

Not everyone can afford the high range of extended rear facing car seats. This is understandable, and I am SO glad that ‘Joie’ and ‘Hauck’ has come out with both new seats and have upped the rear facing kg limit of a seat that is already out. 🙂
You can read more about the new seats from ‘Joie’ coming out <<HERE>>

In the mean time, here is a list of the rear facing car s eats with a more affordable price. Please note that even though ALL car seats have gone through the same test to be able to be sold, the ECE R44/04, there are other tests done to some of the higher range car seats that are far greater, especially the Swedish Plus Test (the strictest car seat test in the world, and only rear facing car seats can pass). This means that not every car seat is as good as the other, and a car seat that is PLUS test approved is vastly better then one that isn’t, any rear facing car seat will be safer then any forward facing one. No matter how many bells and whistles the forward facing one has! 🙂

‘Low Price’ rear facing car seats:

  • Casualplay Bi-Care Fix (ISOFIX) – Birth to 18kg
    RRP: £199.99
    Release date: 13th of February 2014!


I will, as always, recommend that you use all these car seats rear facing to 18kg, and don’t turn your child around unless the seat is outgrown. 🙂

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