Britax Duelfix

The Britax Duelfix RF 0-18KG (0-40lb)

The Britax Duelfix RF 0-18KG (0-40lb)

Britax Duelfix is a Group 0+/1 car seat much like the notorious Cybex Sirona.

Multiple recline positions will ensure a comfortable position is achieved for your child. Dualfix can be used from birth and a newborn insert is included with the seat. Head support is padded and easily adjusted with one hand. When head support is moved up or down harness position changes as well. No need to manually adjust the harness height.

Car sat covers are all removable and washable. Cover of Dualfix is smartly constructed and can be quickly removed without removing the harness.

  • Rear-facing with ISOFIX 0-18kg and forward facing with ISOFIX from 9-18kg, however it’s recommended that the child should remain rear facing for as long as possible.
  • ISOFIX system allows direct connection to the car’s ISOFIX anchorage points for a simple and safe installation.
  • 5-point harness with one pull adjustment.
  • 360° seat rotation.
  • Multiple recline positions allow a comfortable sleeping positions – adjust without disturbing them.
  • Newborn insert provides extra comfort and support.
  • Height-adjustable headrest and harness with easy single handed adjustment allows the seat to grow with your child without the need to remove and re-thread the harness.
  • Deep, softly padded full side wings provide optimum Side Impact Protection.
  • Performance chest pads reduce your child’s forward movement and energy that occurs in the event of an impact.
  • Installation indicators confirm the seat is installed correctly.
  • Quick-remove washable cover eliminates the need to remove the harness when washing the cover, therefore ensuring the harness is always installed correctly.
  • Belly pad for your child’s comfort.
  • Softly padded cover keeps your child comfortable in their seat.
  • Harness retainers allow you to keep the harness out of the way making it easy to place your child in and out of the seat.


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4 thoughts on “Britax Duelfix

  1. I am trying to decide between the Britax Dualfix and the Cybex Sirona and very interested to hear why the latter has been listed ‘notorious’ in the article above please?

    • Hi Danielle, sorry for the late reply. 🙂
      The Sirona is listed as ‘notorious’ because it’s sadly got a very low harness position compared to other seats, so will sometimes last a whole 1,5-2 years shorter then other seats in the same class. 😦
      I would strongly recommend the Duel Fix as long as that fits your car. 🙂
      The Sirona is nice to look at, it is a good seat, but they really really did us wrong by having the top harness position so far down it’s a whole 5cm lower then some other seats that cost far less and is even PLUS tested. 🙂

  2. Ahh – I have been googeling trying to find out what is the exact size difference between the Cybex Sirona and the Britax Duelfix. Yours is the first wsebsite that goes into details ( in the above comment ). I was leaning towards the Cybex purely because for a while I didnt’ know about the Duelfix…..and also I was very happy with my Cybex Aton Q which we used from birth. So can you clairify in more detail…..that basically from where the baby sits ( his bottom ) to the top height of the shoulder harness is 5 CM shorter on the Sirona than on the Duelfix ? Are there any other size differences ?? Is the actual height and are for the childs head also shorter in the Cybex vs the Duelfix ?

    Are there any reasons why you might recommend the Sirona instead of the Duelfix ?….or are they basically identical exceept for the size and price difference ?

    We currently have a 2 door car – so need the ability to turn the seat sideways to make it comfortable to get DD in and out of the seat. Plus DD is 6 months old and already at the top adjustment for her shoulders in the Aton Q harness…..besides that, she doesn’t like leaning back when awake and tries to sit up when we strap her into the Aton Q……so I’d really like to move her up into a group 0+ / 1 car seat that she can sit more upright in.

    I want her to be rear facing for as long as possible…..and I suppose that with either the cybex Sirona or Britax Duelfix I could switch her to forward facing without needing to buy a different seat if she gets big and says she’s not comfortable / happy being rear facing any more ( which I really hope won’t happen 🙂

    appreciate any advise that you can give.

    • Hi sorry for the late reply! of the two seats the Dual fix will last longer. But as it sounds like your daughter is very tall for her age I wouldn’t recommend either seat. Using a seat without svivel isn’t needed even in a 3 door car. As she is very tall I would look at something like an Axekid seat or a Britax TWE, possibly the new BeSafe izi combi x4 if you car is on the list.

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