Britax 2-Way Elite

The Britax 2-Way Elite RF 0-25KG (0-55lb)

The Britax 2-Way Elite
RF 9-25KG (20-55lb)

The Britax 2-Way Elite has the tallest shell on the market, and is therefore a very good choice for parents with tall children. The fact that it RF up to 25 kg (55lb) is also extremely good. It is also currently the only seat on the market that harnesses to 25 kg forward facing as well making it a Group 1/2 car seat. 😀

Most kids can sit rear facing to 6+ years thanks to the high weight limit of 25 kg (55 lbs).
Two-Way Elite is a light weight, slim and roomy combination seat which need relatively litte space. It fits nicely in normal midsize cars.

Side Impact Protection is strong and it’s easy for children to climb in and out of the seat thanks to the long seat cushion with relatively low sides. Use the “head support” accessory for even better support of head and neck.

This seat is unique, it’s the only one in Europe allowing forward facing use with harness to 25 kg (55 lbs)

Two-Way Elite can be placed rear facing in all places in the car. Seat can be installed with regular 3-point seat belt or lap belt. Angle of seat is changed with a “heel” under the seat to make it more comfortable for both younger and older children.

Please note it’s strongly recommended children to ride rear facing to at least age 4.

Two-Way Elite is a favourite among parents looking for a light weight combination seat with long rear facing time.

• Certified rear facing 9-25 kg. (20-55 lbs)
• Certified forward facing with seat belt 15-25 kg. (33-55 lbs)
• Rear facing for most children until age 5+
• Light weight and slim, fits nicely in midsize cars
• Certified ECE R44/04


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87 thoughts on “Britax 2-Way Elite

    • The Two Way Elite works on a re-thread way, so you have to do the same you would with most infant carriers, you have to fysically unhook it in the back. If you turn the seat you will see that both harnesses are connected to a metal shape. Unhook one at a time and rethread it at the top. Then do the other one. I find it best to do one at a time. Make sure you also unthread the shoulder strap and thread the harness through it, this also needs to be taken out and rethreaded in the correct slot for you. 🙂

      Was that clear enough? If not I’ll take some pictures. 🙂

  1. Not exactly. Rule of eyes level compare to the top of the shell is for FW, for RWF is a top of a head. I have a problem that my daughter is closing to the limit in RWF (Graco Acta Belogic) and I’m searching for possibility to keep her still RW. She is tall (3 years and 4 months) and height around 103 cm. And I’m wondering if Britax 2-way elite may be a solution.

  2. Sorry my bad. ERF Mama is right, but as additional info we can say that eyes level is for kids with weight more than 13 kg. Below that weight is a top o a head as I wrote. I found that info on page dedicated car seats. ERF Mama can You confirm that ? to make it clear

    • Hi Artur. 🙂

      You are correct that the Group 0+ and Group 0 seats are outgrown when the head is level with the top. 🙂

      Group 1 and Group 1/2 (rf) are outgrown when the eyes are level with the seat. 🙂
      Same as a forward facing car seat.

      Usually, if tthere is a movable headrest, like on the Axkid seats, the Multitech 2 and Max Way to name a couple, the child’s shoulders would dig into the headrest making the seat unusable. 🙂

      The car seat manual will tell you when the seats are outgrown though. 🙂 One should always check the manual, but these are the general rules.

      • Hi there.
        Regarding how to tell when the child has outgrown the seat… if the seat is a group 0 and a 1 in one, (like Joie Stages) then which method do you go with? Head or eyes level while rf?

      • In the Joie Stages rear facing it is when the shoulders no longer fit under the headrest. Forward facing it is when the harness dip below the shoulders on the highest setting.

  3. Hi there, I recently had to wash the seat cover as my daughter was sick and although I’ve rethreaded the harness, I don’t think the buckle section of the harness has been done correctly. The buckle and strap keeps coming off / out when I buckle her in. I can’t find anything on youtube showing me how to rethread the harnesses after washing and there is nothing on the manual that comes with the seat. Can you help please? Thanks!

  4. Hi! I’m an American moving to Devon in August and trying to figure out what seats to purchase ahead of time. I think that this seat will be best, from my research. I have two big children: J is 48.5lbs and 44in (estimate on height, but he has a very tall torso and outgrew the Diogo radian r120 RFing at 2.5). E is 13 months now and when we move, I expect him to be 34lbs and 34in. We are looking to buy a Ford Focus estate.

    • Hi Amanda. 🙂

      This car seat is a good option then, but also have a look at the Axkid Minikid. 🙂 It benefits from having a foot prop and automatically adjusted tethers. It will last pretty much the same length of time as the TWE, but is a newer seat with newer safety features. 🙂
      The TWE needs to lean on the front seat for support, so this is sometimes a problem depending on driver and passenger.
      The TWE can only be bought form the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes or Essex, whist there are other stockists of the Axkid Minikid. 🙂

      They both usually last to around 49-50 inches.
      The TWE is outgrown when the eyes are level with the top of the seat shell and the Axkid is outgrown when the shoulders no longer fit under the headrest. 🙂

  5. Could you tell me if this is suitable to fit into any car? I know some car seats aren’t suitable in all cars. Currently using ms I cosi pearl but toddler is enormous so need extended use 5-point harness!

    • Hi Kirsty! 🙂

      The TWE fits into almost any car it’s that universal, but no car seat fit’s into *all* cars sadly. What car is it you have? If you tell me make model and year I can tell you if it will fit. 🙂
      I also recommend using the TWE rear facing as that will offer the best protection. 🙂

      • Ooh thanks for your speedy reply! I have a 2007 vauxhall corsa. It’s 3-door so I’m not sure rear-facing will work because I won’t be able to get him in and out. I’ve looked into the new britax Advansafix but it isn’t compatible with my car 😦

      • It does fit the Corsa. 🙂 And getting him in and out isn’t hard, you just have to get in behind with when you put him in and take him out. 🙂 So if y ou have him behind passenger than you get in through driver side and put him in. The TWE is brilliant in that way because the sides are so low he can get in himself very simply as well. 🙂 I used to have it in the front in the Fiat Punto, so if you can turn off the airbag that is a different good way. 🙂

      • Diesel it fit în peugeot 407 from 2006 ? We want to buy it , but we don t know if it fits. Thank you

  6. Hi there, how can the TWE fit in the front if it has to be tethered to, well, the seat in front? I’d really like buy one and install it in my 2008 VW caravelle in the front as my baby is appalling in the car unless she can see me! Thank you x

  7. Hi, my daughter is in the 99th centile for height so im hoping this would be a good option for us but she sweats so much in her current britax seat. Does this have summer covers available as well and would it fit in a vauxhall eco flex? Tia x

    • Hi Jo! 🙂
      You will need to check your vehicle manual as to where car seats are allowed to be fitted because the Zafira can be funny with that. It should be under the ‘child safety’ section. 🙂

  8. Hello!
    Do you know if a very tall toddler of 4y and 120cm can still harness ff in a TWE? My friend doesn’t have the possibility to try it out before purchasing it.
    Thank you very much!

  9. Hi again!
    I was just wondering what you thought the difference was/ which was better between the Britax 2 Way Elite, and the Britax Multi-Tech 2 please? They both seem similar to me in many ways? (can be fitted by 3 or 2 point seat belt (for potential plane use depending on airline specs), rear facing until 25kg etc I think…) Anything I’m missing?!
    I really want to compare these to the new Diono- but alas looks like things are taking forever to get anything for sale!!
    Thanks again for your help!

  10. Hi my daughter is 2.5 but weighs 18kgs. I wanted a car seat that has a 5 point harness but with more weight allowence. This is perfect but I cant find them anywhere only 220 for a loan of it 😯😯

  11. Hi there, do you have experience between the TWE or the Diono Radian 5? We are in the Netherlands and can’t see or try either seats in person. We have a Honda Accord sedan with a driver who’s about 6’6″. The seat is pushed all the way back and reclined quite a lot to accommodate his height. We need to get a new seat for the tall (long torso) 3.5 year old that fits behind the dad. My priority is to harness her as long as possible (ok if she FFs around age 4). Looking at the Britax Two Way Elite and the Diono Radian 5. How does it compare in terms of thickness (the higher it is, the less room for feet/legs) and width?

  12. Hi there, I have a quite uncommon car, Suzuki Liana i was wondering if you could tell me if the 2-way elite is suitable for this car? I have looked on Britax website but they don’t have the 2-way elite on there? Maybe I’m just being a bit stupid

    • Hi Mandy. 🙂
      After a quick google search to see what the car looks like I can positively tell you that I don’t think you will have any issues with the Two Way Elite fitting the car. 🙂
      You won’t find it on the UK Britax website as it’s a Swedish import to the UK and is therefore only sold one place here – at the In Car Safety Centre. 🙂
      You can view the seat and find it’s instructions on the Swedish Britax website as well as the Norwegian and Danish one. 🙂

  13. Hi, I’m thinking of getting the two way elite but aware it is now quite an old car seat – does it have good safety ratings? I’ve tried the besafe izi plus in my car but didn’t give enough space for passenger in front seat and the axkid but it wouldn’t fit properly as back seats too spongey so it rocked. Would this be a good alternative despite it being quite old? Thanks

    • Hi Natalie. 🙂

      The TWE is an old style car seat – but used rear facing it’s still a fantastic seat. 🙂
      Have you tried the Axkid Rekid if you have isofix? It is Plus tested and has isofix to 18kg and seat belt to 25kg. The reason I think it might fit better than the Minikid is because as you say you have sponge seats and the Rekid is on a “base” so is a bit different and works well with those type of back seats. 🙂

  14. Hi I have a 2year old boy who’s 94cm and 15.2kg so will out grow his cyber sirrona fairly soon I think, I have a seat Ibiza 63 plate, would it fit ok? Or do you have any other suggestions, I wanted the Britax advanfix but as my cars not listed mother are said I couldn’t. Thanks amber

    • Yes you shouldn’t have any issues what so ever in the Ibiza. 🙂
      I advice you to use the seat rear facing because your son is younger than 4 years old and is because of this much safer in the rear facing position. 🙂
      Other options are the Axkid Minikid and Britax Max Way which are also rear facing from 9-25kg. 🙂

    • Some have used it on a plane yes – forward facing. 🙂 But you need to check your airline on weather or not they approve of an “ECE R44.04” car seat – or if they demand you use an FAA/TUV approved car seat. If the latter then you won’t be allowed to use the TWE on the plane.
      My blog has changed address – please have a look at our new home here:

  15. Hi, looking at the Britax Two Way Elite and the Diono Radian 5. Which one is safer and more comfortable? Which one has better recline in the RF position? Thanks

    • Hello. 🙂

      They are both very good seats. The R5 has a longer lasting forward facing time and a top tether so if you are looking to use the seat forward facing after rear facing, then the R5 is a better choice. If however you only wish to use the seat rear facing – both seats are equally good. The R5 can however be used from birth and thus has a better recline. However it is fitted in a fixed position and does not offer additional legroom, whilst the TWE can be installed more upright and offers more leg room in that position. I have written a review of both seats which are worth having a look at. 🙂

  16. Hi. I’m currently using a britax first class car seat for my daughter in a Toyota IQ. Unfortunately it doesn’t leave much room for the front passenger seat. How does the TWE compare in size? Would the front seat need to be further forward? I don’t want to put her in the front seat as i sometimes need to have an adult passenger. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Bev. 🙂

      How old is your daughter and how much does she weigh? Is she likely to reach 18kg/40lbs before she’s 4 years old?

      The shape of the front seats on the IQ will make the Two Way Elite difficult to install rear facing so I would advice on a different car seat for her. Something like the Axkid Minikid or Axkid Wolmax – both are Plus tested and rear face to 55lbs/25kg. 🙂

      • Thanks for your quick reply and sorry i’ve not replied sooner. She’s 20 months and a petite little 10kg.
        So the TWE would be difficult to fit in the front seat. How about the back seat? Will have a look at Axkid options.

    • As I understood your first comment you did not want to put her in the front seat? The seat would fit perfectly fine in the front. The TWE is very good on the front as well as the Axkid seats. 🙂 I was answering in regards to using the back seat – because of the shape of the headrest the back seat would be difficult as the TWE has to lean on the seat in front, and the shape of the seats and the headrest in this particular car makes that difficult. 🙂

      Also just so you know – we have moved to! 🙂

  17. We just changed our 3.5 yr old from tear facing with the reclined setting (on the flap) so the upright seting wih flap in front of seat to give him more leg room. But he was so upright as soon as he fell asleep he slumped and as he had a cold it was restricring his air way.
    We couldn’t work out a way to get it to angle a litte to prevent this so have now reluctantly turned him forward facing.

    Hes head is still falling forwards when sleeping but nothing like as bad as the other way. Would we benifit from the head rest to support his head or is he too old for that now?

    • Hi Melanie. 🙂

      If he is uncomfortable with the seat upright – just put it back reclined. 🙂
      I would strongly advice to keep him rear facing and not forward face him yet as he’s still so very young.

      Make sure he’s pushing his bum backwards all the way. The uptight position only offers 10-12 degree recline angle which is very little for many children – so I would def. just recline the seat again. 🙂

      His head falling forward and such is not a safety issue at his age at all and nothing to worry about. He will move his head if he’s uncomfortable. 🙂

      If you would like me to check the installation you can email me some pictures on: 🙂

  18. Hi can you tell me if the TWE will fit in a Mercedes C class T- Model.
    My parents live in Germany and the shops are rubbish with ERF. I am using a TWE in my car in UK and want to take one to Germany if it fits.
    Thanks very much Viola

    • I believe it will yes. However, the In Car Safety Centre will know as they are the only stockist in the UK of this seat – so I would advise you to contact them as they will have it on file if they have fitted it in one. 🙂

  19. Hi I’m looking to get this seat for my c4 Picasso and was wondering what the minimum height is for it rear facing? She’s nearly 9kg and very small for her age. Not sure if she’d benefit from a different seat considering her size?

  20. Do you happen to have a link to the English manual for this, old-style TWE? I can’t find it on and worried about downloading the wrong manual now that the seat has been updated. Ours is the version which is ff to 25kg with harness, not the newer one which is ff to 18kg with harness (although we are using it rf). Thanks!

    • Nothing has changed for the seat apart from 18kg forward facing and no longer being able to install it forward facing with a lap belt. 🙂 There are no changes to the rear facing install or rules.

      Also – did you know we have changed address some time ago? 🙂
      You can now follow our blog at

  21. Hi!! Do you know why this car seat is not listed in the Britax website anymore? Just wondering whether it’s still a good buy. Many thanks in advance

  22. Do you know if the TWE fits into the front passenger seat (rear facing)of a toyota verso mpv 7 seater or the front passenger seat of a Vauxhall Zafira ( newer model) ?
    We are looking in to these cars to buy and we have 2× 2 way fix bases,a maxicosi cabriofix, two way pearl and a TWE . Im expecting number 3 soon so need to upgrade our car to be able to fit all three car seats.

    • You most likely won’t be able to turn off the airbag in either of them, especially not the Zafira. I can’t say for sure of course, but that’s my experience, they don’t come with a switch or key to turn off the airbag by default, so very important to check.

      IF you can turn off the airbag then yes you shouldn’t have any problems fitting the TWE.

      If you have no plans to have a passenger without a car seat in the passenger seat, you can disable the airbag at a garage, this is done by a car-technician and not a normal mechanic.

  23. Hi there, we have a britax TWE but my daughter finds the seat very uncomfortable. Is there a way if cushioning the seat base without compromising on safety? Thank you. Liz

  24. Help!
    I’m moving the straps up to the highest level
    However upon reassembly the straps at the highest level won’t reach the middle connector between the legs!!! What am I doing wrong? I’ve check & adjusted as I have when I moved the straps up from the lower to middle but they are just too small! Any ideas?

    • Hello Sarah, have you pushed the button down properly to adjust the harness length? It sounds like it’s too short because it’s too tight. 🙂

  25. Hi, I have a TWE, rear facing, which my 3 year old loves. I am changing car, to a Vauxhall Grandland. Can anyone advise on the compatibility? Thanks

    • The TWE “fits all cars” so to speak. It doesn’t have a fitting list. After looking at the said car I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t fit – but it does need to lean on the front seat, as you know, so as long as you can do this and tether properly – that should be fine. 🙂

  26. Hi im looking for car seat to fit front seat of my husband’s van, its a Toyota transit and of course we prefer this car seat with extended rearward facing. Can you see if cat seat would fit this van?

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