About Me and The Mission

mumandhenryI’m a mother of 3 and my passion and fight is to make others aware of the wide choices we have on Extended Rear-Facing car seats. Choices that according to the newest survey in the UK by Motors.co.uk too many didn’t know existed!

In this day and age we face so many choices as parents, but it’s important to inform parents of the safest possible choice for their child.

Too often I come across a retailer who knows nothing about extended rear-facing, and the market is far too small, though a lot of this is because most retailers believe there is no market, but the fact is, there is a market! And the market is in high demand!

With this blog I wish to inform parents/carers/nurseries and so forth, about the many choices you have regarding incar safety.
I hope to inspire you all to rear-face your toddler as long as possible, to answer any questions you might have on the subject either by mail or by the info I give on this blog.
To make you understand, with the FACTS, why so many deaths and serious injuries can be prevented by using a rear-facing car seat for as long as possible.

On this blog I will also write about visits to retailers where I pose as a person in need of a car-seat, otherwise known as ‘Mystery-Shopping’ (here’s an example). Sneaky? Oh yes, and I’ll post pictures!



I hope you find my blog fun and informational, and I hope that I just helped you secure your tott the safest way!

I also have other passions like Natural Paranting, Co-Sleeping, Extended breast feeding, Ergonomical baby carriers/wrapping and Cloth Nappies. 🙂


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