Britax Max-Fix


ISOFIX RF 0-18KG (0-40lb)

Max-Fix is basically an Isofix version of the very popular Britax Max-Way seat. Max-Way is approved 9-25 kg (20-55 lbs) while Max-Fix is approved 0-18 kg (0-40 lbs). It will last from birth to around five years of age.

Max-Fix is installed in seconds with Isofix and a support leg. It has adjustable recline/sleep position which can be adjusted in seven different positions by twisting a small wheel. Position can easily be changed with a child in the seat while driving.

Max-Fix has ,just like Max-Way, a built in head support with an integrated harness. Harness will move up and down with the head support and always be in correct position.

There is a foam support for newborns and young children. This is removed as children grow. Fabric is washable and easily removed.

Key Features:

• Certified rear facing 0-18 kg. (0-40 bs)
• Passed ultra strict Swedish Plus Test to 18 kg (40 lbs)
• Installation with Isofix in seconds
• Fits rear facing from birth to around age 5
• Built in head support with easy adjustment
• Adjustable recline/sleep position in seven different positions
• Harness integrated with head support for correct placement
• Curved sides – excellent Side Impact Protection
• 5-point harness
• Certified ECE R44/04

Vehicle check list:

Personal opinion: More and more people say that this seat is not suitable from birth at all. A lot of people say that even with the infant insert the angle is too steep for a new born, and that the infant insert is actually outgrown before some children are tall enough for the bottom slot of the harness, making the harness go far above the baby’s shoulders!
Because of this, I wouldn’t recommend this seat for a child under 10mo.

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