Britax Two Way Elite – A Toddler’s Point of View

Happy Holidays!  😀 Our holiday started off with a bang, and we are currently cruising around in a 5-door hatchback Fiat Punto 2003 model! Not to worry, hubby is OK, but our car is not, so my wonderful father in law has lent us he’s stepson’s car for a while. 🙂 So with no further ado, here is the Britax Two Way Elite in a Fiat Punto 2003, and it’s in the front seat! ❤ It’s is a convertible car seat that rear faces to 25KG, and is also now the only manufactured seat that harnesses to 25KG forward facing, as the Britax Xtensafix is no longer in production.  I do however strongly advocate for using it rear facing as it’s outgrown at the same time both ways!


This is one of the most “eye deceiving” seats I have come across. Because when you look at the seat from the side/front, and there’s no one in it, it actually doesn’t look like much. A lot of people have said that they felt it didn’t seem to offer much SIP (side impact protection) because it looks so narrow. 😀 Well…. I’m happy to say that it has in fact been side impact tested (unlike a lot of other seats that “claim” to have ‘excellent SIP’ ) and scored 7/10. Woohoo!

I have installed this seat in the front of the car, now there is a chance that will change, but at the moment this is where it is currently installed. 🙂 The 2003 Fiat Punto only has a ‘lap-belt’ in the middle seat, which is why I need to puzzle this seat or the BeSafe izi Plus in the middle. It’s not safe for me to sit in the middle with just a lap-belt.


Rock solid install, and it’s the quickest seat install I have ever come across!!!!  It’s also got 3 belt paths, the one I am using which is for the reclined install. Then there is one for extra legroom, and the “alternative” method for short seat belts. Can’t complain about that now can we? To put it short, this seat fit’s (as far as I’ve now read) any car. 😀


Any extended rear facing car seat installed in the front seat, should ideally be bracing on the dashboard. 🙂 However, seats like the Two Way Elite, that have no foot-prop, needs to be leaning on the dashboard.
If in doubt always have a look in your seat’s manual. Most of them have a section on how to install the seat in the front seat. 🙂


Tethering while in the front seat, also looks a bit different.
You tether to the same anchor as you would in the back seat, but you then send the straps under the passenger seat and up in front to be clicked in, like the picture shows. 🙂

So the tethers go under the car’s passenger seat and connects to the car seat in front and the anchor points in the back.

Space wise I was quite surprised. The ‘Punto’ being a small car and all, but it has surprised me a lot. I actually love the car and I’m wondering if I should invest in such a small little thing as a ‘mummy car’, but then again I’m not totally done making babies, and then it would be too small! haha
Unless I can fit an infant carrier in the front and have two in the back….hmmmmmmm….. :p

Anyway… so yeh space wise!


She looks very comfy doesn’t she? 🙂

Now just to make a note, none of my children are allowed to keep hold of a ‘bobba’ while we drive, they drink and then I put it away, so yes there is a ‘bobba’ in the picture, that’s empty, but none the less it’s made of hard plastic and in a collision this can be fatal, not only for her, but also for us others in the car.
So the fruit shoot was removed after I took the photo. 🙂

The focus ‘I wanted to have in this picture (above) is her legs. Because this is something that a lot, and I mean A LOT og parents have some concerns about. So I wanted to give you some info there. 🙂
The legs bend in many ways when we are children. If you look at your toddler on the floor, or a baby, you often find them in the most fascinating positions! haha
They are quite flexible and bendy by nature. A child will most likely be far more comfortable rear facing with legs like this, or legs like the very top image where she has them stretched up the back, or even thrown off to the sides. You can find them in a lot of wierd poses! 🙂 None the less, they will always have support for the legs, and they won’t struggle with things like their legs falling asleep from dangling over the edge of the seat, which is what happens a lot when you forward face and can’t reach the bottom of the floor. It’s like sitting on a wall you know, dangling your legs over, and when you jump down, sometimes I experience some pains because your legs fell asleep? It’s the best way to describe it.
It’s important to remember that like I said, kids work differently then an adult, so what we picture to be uncomfortable, really isn’t there in a child in a lot of cases. However, if you put a thought into a child’s head that something will hurt, or something is scary, they will often copy it, and that goes for their legs while rear facing as well.

Another myth a lot of parents believe, is that they can break their legs. Truth is that ofc a rear facing child can break their legs, we all can, we aren’t made of hard metal from the waist down….
But what is important is to know that no child will break their legs because they are rear facing, they would break them, if they do happen to break them, because of a different factor in a crash, not because they were purely rear facing. 🙂 It is however a very rare injury in a rear facing child, broken legs that is, but a very common injury in a forward facing child. This is something most people don’t either know or think about. 🙂 And this has to do with the fact that a forward facing child is thrown forward (obviously..) and if you watch a crash test video, you will see that the legs get flung forward quite hard, and what will they hit? The front passenger seat…
Can it be avoided? Yes, in a lot of cases it could have been. How? By having the front passenger seat further away from the children in the back. A lot of you think that a rear facing car seat will take up all the space for the front seat, now this CAN be true, if the seat is not fitting the said car, BUT the fact is that a forward facing car seat takes up the same amount of space pretty much, because of the need for space between the child and the front seat. 🙂


Another example of how she sits! haha

Another thing I really like about the TWE is that it has quite low sides. This makes it very simple for her to get in and out of the car seat by her self. She can do the same in her BeSafe izi Combi, but the sides are much higher, and so is the seat, it sits far higher above ground (which makes it excellent for younger children!) whilst the TWE and seats like it, are more suitable for older toddlers and children in that aspect. Just a personal opinion. 🙂 Safety wise there is no difference between the two. 🙂

Is this now our main seat? No. I bought this seat for travel purposes actually. It’s so light and easy to install that it will be great to use as an extra seat for travel and in other people’s cars. Also the Fiat Punto that we now are borrowing, does not have Isofix, so I was unable to use her BeSafe as that one is isofix. Henry is using he’s BeSafe izi Plus just fine in this car though, I will be writing a short review on that as well for this car. 🙂

I did try Henry in the TWE once it arrived though, and he does fit! 😀
I will try and take some pictures of him in the car in it tomorrow and add, but for now I have these cute ones taken inside. 🙂

988814_10151859504174422_1819377558_n 1497762_10151859504019422_546838798_n

As you can see, the straps are just at he’s shoulders, if he was any shorter he wouldn’t fit the seat properly, and I do think they would sink a bit if he fell asleep, so I won’t be using this seat for him just yet.
I haven’t had a chance to actually measure his hight and torso length, this is not something that is done in my part of the NHS here, so any length measuring is done in the home. hehe
Safe to say he’s not that excited about it! :p But I will have a go. It will be interesting to see because I was told by someone else that her daughter actually fit this seat just fine at 7 months because she has quite a large torso, so it can be done, though I wouldn’t recommend this seat for such young children, I generally wouldn’t go lower then around 15 months, which in many cases is when the infant seat is generally outgrown anyway. 🙂

So there it is, the TWE from a toddler’s perspective! If you own this seat or are thinking of buying it, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, I would love to hear about your experience and thought on this seat! 🙂
Also any questions you may have I will try to answer to the best of my capability, and if I do not know the answer I will find it! hehe

And as always you can <<Follow>> me on Facebook for more updates and posts that don’t make it onto the blog! You can also find me on Twitter @ERFmama !

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! ❤

16 thoughts on “Britax Two Way Elite – A Toddler’s Point of View

  1. Funny to see how Henry sits in the TWE even though he has all the leg space he could ever need in that picture. Exactly how my daughter sits when she’s forward facing (once every other month at most, in my parents’ car). Would think they’d take the opportunity to really stretch out when they have the chance, huh, if it’s a problem sitting with bent legs. :p

    • Hello Becki. 🙂

      I think that really depends on a few things. The izi Plus can be used from around 6 months, while the TWE will not fit a child who hasn’t outgrown the infant car seat, so around 12 months plus on average, though it does depend on torso hight. 🙂
      For young children, like my youngest who is now all most 18 months, I would choose the BeSafe izi Plus, but for my daughter who is 3+ years I really really love the TWE.
      They are both excellent seats, The awesome plus with the TWE is that it fits in pretty much *any* car you can think of. The BeSafes don’t as they are quite big and compact. The TWE is also extremely light weight, so if you use more then one car, or are going to travel, it’s soooo easy. 🙂
      Instalment wise I find them both very simple. The BeSafe izi Plus may look like it’s harder, but once you’ve done it once, you basically know what to do, but I do find that the TWE is the easiest one I have ever installed, and fastest. 🙂 The TWE also has 3 install ment paths in rear facing mode, one for short seat belt, one for extra leg room and one default for max recline, so you do get quite a lot in one seat. 🙂
      Safety wise the izi Plus has been PLUS tested and approved, but the TWE is approved by the old standard and is tested higher then the mandatory testing. I also heard rumours that they might be working on a newer model of the TWE as it’s a very old modell, sort of like they did with the Britax Hi Way, they made the Max Way, which is the same seat but with a taller shell, longer foot prop and an adjustable headrest that also has the harness attached to it, instead of a re-thread harness like the TWE and the Hi Way have. 🙂

      So yeh…tough choice! But I guess it also depends on money. I have a BeSafe izi Combi (only used rear facing, so I always recommend the izi Kid, it’s cheaper and is only rear facing because you wouldn’t be using it forward facing anyway – I hope hehe- ), the BeSafe izi Plus and the TWE, and of the three the TWE is obv far cheaper, so if your buget is just over £200, then the Max Way and the TWE are very good choices. The TWE will last to 5+ years, possibly six, I have a friend who’s 6+ year old still fits, but she grew out of it because she reached the max weight. It’s quite tall.
      If you do however have a bit of cash to spend and it’s for an older toddler, I also recommend looking into the Axkid seats. They are very nice as well, 🙂

  2. Hi, could you give a bit more details on the safety aspect as I can’t decipher the link? particularly the side impact? I am considering the max way , the TWE or the maxi cosi 2 way pearl.. thanks

    • Hello. 🙂

      Depending on the age of the child they are all good seats. The 2way pearl is isofix thus only lasting to 18kg and has a max hight of 105 cm tall, when your child reaches that hight, it is out grown. It is very simple to install and has very easy to follow instructions. This is an iSize seat.

      The Britax Max Way is PLUS tested, this is the strictest car seat test in the world and takes into account the neck load the child gets in a crash. No forward facing car seat will ever pass this test because of this. It’s a very nice and compact seat and is rear facing to 25kg and would fit children up to 5 years old (always depending on torso hight of course) on average. This seat has a foot prop, so in cars with bottom compartments on the floor, many choose to use a different seat that either misses the compartment, or has a leg long enough to extend it into the compartment.

      The TWE is an older seat, it’s been on the market for quite many years now, it did very well in the old testing before the PLUS test arrived, but as it’s a combi seat (both rear and forward facing) it can not be PLUS tested as the seats must preform both ways if combi, and as I stated, forward facing gives too much pressure on the neck.
      I really like the TWE, I use it as a spare seat. It is very light and easy to install (so are the other two you are looking at) it fits in pretty much *any* car on the market from tiny to large and it does not have a foot prop, which appeals to some. 🙂 It does need to brace against the front seat (passanger or driver) because it doesn’t have a foot prop.
      It is, along with the Axkid seats, the longest lasting seat on the market and will last a child up to 25kg or about 122-125cm tall. So quite a long time. 🙂

      Did this help you in any way? 🙂

  3. Thank you for this and your other review of the two way elite. I have one for my son (4 yo), but my daughter is turning one and growing too tall for her infant carrier. I was going to move her into this one and get a new booster for my son. Then I got worried that this wouldn’t have good enough side impact protection, as it is not bulky like others, so I thought maybe I needed a new seat for each of them! After reading your reviews, I might just keep Gus in his seat (I prefer the harness as long as possible) and get a second 2 way elite for my daughter. We don’t have a car of our own, so I love how easy these are to move to different cars. Thanks again!

  4. thank you for ur review! Very helpful 😀😀 as there is not much to find on this topic. I just bought the TWE for my 7 month old , for long journeys. He is already over 9 kg and we struggle with space in the maxicosi. fine for short school runs and better if he falls asleep, so I can just lift out the seat. We got the TWE from the car seat safety centre and yes, he looks a bit lost in the big seat. They said it is save for him to use it, even so he is still that lil. Looking forward to see him grow into it. Do you know if there is a sun cover available for it , as there r some valcrow straps on the seat?

    • I’m glad it helped you Sandra. 🙂
      I don’t believe there is a sun cover any more there used to be, but the seat is very old now, so I think they stopped supplying one.:(
      I can however recommend window socks for the windows. 🙂

  5. My son is 3 years 3 months old, weighs 18.3kg and is 103cm tall. I have moved him from his Maxi cosi pearl isofix seat to a britax two way elite as he is now above the weight limit for the pearl. However, the elite doesn’t seem to be very high (even compared to the pearl it’s shorter) and my sons head is already over the top of it. The straps are also on the highest option already. I was under the impression the seat would last until around 5 years of age, and while I appreciate my son is tall he certainly isn’t the height of a five year old! He is forward facing as he gets car-sick rear facing (though I haven’t tried him in the front seat, which might make a difference, as I didn’t realise this was an option?). I am extremely concerned about his safety in the seat, it doesn’t seem to offer any protection around his head, particularly compared to the maxi cosi rodi air protect my mum has just bought for her car. Any advice?
    Kirsty x

  6. Hi I bought a TWE after Toys r us fitted our Joie every stage and I was told about the seat not being suitable because of the female seatbelt buckle sticking out too much on the Facebook forum ” car seat advice for mummies and daddies”. I am very grateful for their help and can’t complain about the twe at all. My son is 2 and loves it. Compared to the every stage it is much easier to put him in and take him out without waking him. In the every stage he always woke up as taking him out was a bit tricky with the seat belt in the way.
    We are using the twe in a Nissan note 2009.
    I now debating to get 2 more twe’s: one for my mother in laws car – we tested ours so it fits- and one for my parents car in Germany.
    However in Germany this car seat is not available and I would have to either take it in the flight or post it before I am going there again.
    Would you know if the twe fits a Mercedes c class, T-Model 2013? I know it nearly fits ever car but I don’t want to have another one I can’t use atm.

    Thanks xx

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