RECARO Polaric

ISOFIX 9-18KG (20-40lb)

ISOFIX 9-18KG (20-40lb)

The RECARO Polaric, like the infant carrier RECARO Young Profi plus, is fitted to the car rearward facing.

The Recaro Polaric Rear Facing Isofix car seat is suitable for children from 9 months up to 4.5 years. The Recaro Polaric is very safe and easy to fit offering the preferred rear facing position. The Recaro Polaric features a fold away support that ensures additional hold of the child seat. The Recaro Polaric is installed using the vehicle’s ISOfix locating points. The Recaro Polaric rear facing car seat has large side impact protection shell for safety during side impacts. The Polaric features energy absorbing materials in the chest and head area and a continuously height adjustable safety harness for optimum fit and comfort. With a one hand adjustable harness and recline mechanism the Recaro Polaric is not only one of the safest seats on the market but also very comfortable


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