BeSafe IZI Combi X3

The BeSafe IZI Combi X3 RF 0-18KG (0-40lb)

The BeSafe IZI Combi X3
RF 0-18KG (0-40lb)

The BeSafe IZI Combi X3 is the non-isofix version of the IZI Combi X3 ISOFIX.

The car seat allows children to sit rearward facing up to the age of four. The seat has been designed with a brand new harness system that reduces the impact on the child in the event of a collision, resulting in a considrable improvement in safety. The seat is also made from energy-absorbent material. The test requirements used in the development of Besafe products are 40-50% higher than specified in the standard for car seats.

Additional features:

  • Rearward facing 0-18Kg, and forward facing from 9-18Kg, however we recommend that the child should remain rear facing for as long as possible.
  • Energy absorbing side impact protection protects the child’s head, neck and body
  • Four sitting positions, which can be changed without disturbing the child with an easy to operate handle
  • Back ventilation slits provide additional comfort
  • Attractive and ergonomic design provides excellent support
  • Crash tested in accordance with ECE 4403
  • Five-point harness with central adjustment and height adjustment
  • Belt padding and head-support cushion can easily be removed and washed
  • Removable washable seat covers

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