Thursday – Online Retailer Recommendation!

I’ve decided to start a weekly recommendation of retailers!

Every Thursday I will make a post on a retailer I have either just found and want to recommend, or it can be an old one I already have on my list. 🙂
I’ll be pondering about a name for this tradition as well, feel free to post a comment with a name you think would be awesome for this tradition! Something like…. “Awesome Thursday” as an example. Anything you can think of that you think would have a nice ring to it. 🙂 It would need to have Thursday in it, that’s all I have as a rule. :)You can either e-mail me your best names or you can post it in the comment section below.

Now lets get cracki’n!

This Thursday’s recommended Online Retailer is……


“We take the future of our children very seriously at Groovystyle which is why we are trying to do our bit to stop climate change. Our website is also hosted on Coriex the UK’s first Carbon Neutral Datacentre. Click here for more information.

Our showroom is based in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire and we have many pushchairs, travel systems, furniture sets and car seats on display and much more! We are not just an online company and we look forward to seeing you in our showroom so our dedicated staff can help you through the difficult process of purchasing the right equipment for you and your baby.”

So why did I choose this retailer?
The answer to that is quite simple. I have a friend who happened to stumble into their showroom in Berkhamsted in search for a new car seat for her daughter. She had suddenly had a growth-spurt and grown out of her Maxi Cosi Pebble (note that this infant car seat lasted her until she was 19 months!).
Not only was the service excellent and the staff knowledgeable, they also gave info about Extended Rear Facing and the benefits of continuing to rear face their daughter.
They left the shop with a brand new Recaro Polaric and very happy!

This story and picture she put up on “The Book” made me look into them, and boy was I happy when I saw that they indeed have great info about rear facing!
On their RF Car seat part of their website they are stuffed with factual information on RF and the benefits!

Why Rear Facing?
“We believe that children are much safer rear facing than forward facing” – grooveystyle

Facebook Discount!
“Like” their Facebook page and you get a “Fan discount coupon”. 😀

My mind is made up! Grooveystyle has my seal of approval!


My Retailer List


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