3 Stages of a Collision

When one vehicle collides with another, the damages go far beyond that of broken headlights and smashed glass.

Every car crash has three stages! 

The first stage is the car crashing into something. Then comes the second when the people inside the car crash into the car’s interior. Hopefully the seat belt and air-bags!
Then comes the third and last stage, where our internal organs are banging into each other and into our ribcage, and our brain is banging around in our skull.



To minimise the damage done to us we must wear our seatbelts, and our children must be properly secured in their age appropriate car restraint!

The safest position for your child, is the rear facing position. It does not matter what age we are, rear facing will always be safer.
There are a large market for rear facing car seats. I have them all on the top menu under “Extended Rear Facing Car Seats” and you can also find the “budget seats” under “The Cheaper Car Seats”.


Group 1 seats!

“IS there a difference in testing and quality?”
A reblogg of a friend of mine’s exelent information post on Group 1 seats and the difference between ALL the testing that we do here in Europe. She also brilliantly explains why, in car seats as with a lot of other products, you really do get what you pay for, and cheap is not necessarily good. 🙂

Working with Parents



Weight: 9-18kg

Height: Top of ears level with top of seat

Direction of travel: Front or rear facing

Fitment: Seat belt or ISOfix

Other options: Impact shield


A group 1 car seat is designed to restrain a child in the event of an impact.  They normally have a 5-point harness and are designed to hold the child in the seat and spread the force through the shoulder straps, hip and crotch straps.  It is law for every child to be restrained in the car in a suitable child restraint and there are very few exceptions.



Emergency journey (not shops or school!)

In both cases the child must the wear the adult seat belt, if available.

Why are there such big price differences?

This is such a common question and a valid one too.  Why would you pay £200 for a seat when you can get one…

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