“ThumbsUP! THURSDAY” #2

thumb-up-for-ThursdayI mentioned in my last Thursday post that I was going to start doing this every week. I would like to introduce to you “ThumbsUP! Thursday” which is what the Thursday retailer post is going to be called. It might also be a “ThumbsDOWN” at some point… we’ll see how we get on. 😉
This week’s Thursday is a few day’s late because of the Joie Stages precautionary recall of a few of their seats, but better late then never right?

This weeks retailer was unknown to me until yesterday, and I am happy to announce to you….

7651558My precious cargo .. is a retailer who are specialists in extended rear facing car seats for children up to 18 kg (approx. 4  years) or 25kg (approx 6 years).
They are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

This retailer can offer you car seats from BeSafe, Klippan & Axxkid, expert advice (one of their staff is ” a qualified and practicing physiotherapist with experience of assessing posture and seating for disabled children and also of working with people with spinal cord injuries.”) and their website is full of excellent factual links and information!
And photos! You know how I love photos! 😉

A quote for their website that made me huggle them some more:

“Rear facing is 5x safer for young children, so why aren’t more UK parents choosing this option?
From our experience, it’s because awareness of rear facing in the UK is low, and because availability of these seats is limited. We created My Precious Cargo to fill this gap. We provide expert knowledge to assist you in choosing a rear facing seat that is correct for your vehicle and for your child, and we aim to increase awareness of the safety benefits of keeping your toddler rear facing.
We offer viewings and demonstrations of our range of rear facing seats on an appointment basis, and are also here to answer any questions you may have about rear facing.  Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.”

Congratulations My Precious Cargo Limited!!!


My Retailer List

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2 thoughts on ““ThumbsUP! THURSDAY” #2

  1. Hi The ERF Mama,
    I think that your blog posts with reviews can really help
    other parents, when they need something for their children.
    In case of this blog post an rear children car seat.

    You blog can save them time and money for them
    btw I love ThumbsUp approach…

    • Hi there Matjaz! 🙂

      Thank you for such a wonderful and positive comment! It really warms the heart to hear you think that. 🙂
      I am glad you like my idea of a “ThumbsUP! Thursday”! 🙂 I must admit, I’m quite fond of it myself. 😉
      I have decided though to put it on every other week, instead of every week, as it takes a bit of time to find a retailer! 🙂

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