Prince George is here!

A well made point! I feel that people look at this too lightly. It’s not about weather or not they would or would not be in an accident, because yeh, that is minimal, but it’s about what you represent and how you present.
And also it is dangerous for a baby to not be strapped in correctly in an infant seat like this, outside of the car.
I think we too easily forget that there are dangers outside the car to take into account.
And yes, it’s a “one in a ‘million'” chances that Will would have dropped the seat, banged it, tripped, that someone would have come barging out of the crowd spooking him and so forth, but that shouldn’t matter. Safety first, because you never know.

Just like the saying goes: “You don’t stop wearing a condom just because it’s a quickey”. 😉

Working with Parents

First off I want to extend my massive congratulations to Will and Kate on the birth of their baby boy!  I wish them all the luck in the world as parents, especially with them having to be first time parents in front of the whole world.  Kate looked simply beautiful when her and Prince William presented him to the world.


I am of course writing this to discuss the car seat!  I just want to state categorically that I AM NOT JUDGING WILL AND KATE’S PARENTING SKILLS IN THIS BLOG.  There is enough judging between people nowadays, especially parents!  I almost don’t want to join the “mummy club” because of the judging – and with this particular issue I am going to discuss people seem keen get in an uproar rather than accept the calm and NON JUDGMENTAL message that is being given.


Now we have cleared that…

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