The ‘Joie Stages’ now @ Babies R Us

The most magnificent thing has happened – it’s almost boarding on a miracle, there is now a highly affordable Extended Rear-facing Car seat on the market!
And it’s at Babies R Us of all places!! 😀

It’s the Joie Stages.


Showing all the stages. 🙂
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It has a rear-facing limit of 18kg (40lb), and a forward facing limit of 25kg (55lb). 
Basically a very good seat for an affordable prize.
Until now, I’ve been reluctant to write about the Joie, simply because there was a lot of questions regarding the RF limit. You see the first stock of Joie was labled as RF 0+, which is 13kg, the same limit as any infant carrier, and then forward facing until 25kg.
This turned out to be, well..not entierly wrong, but neither right, because the seat itself had been tested and approved for rear-facing to 18kg.

I’ll let Margaret at explain it better then I can;

The install is the same, because the whole seat is the same, nothing has changed. It always passed RF up to 18kg, but because that was never an official classification, they put 13kg on it, like the First Class Plus for example. Now that ERF is becoming more well known, they are now allowed to sell it as RF up to 18kg.

So there you have it! Be sure to make your way to the nearest Babies R Us and have a try! It doesn’t hurt to tell you that it comes in many different colours as well, for those that like that sort of thing. 😉
Just make sure you ask for the new stock in the white box, clearly labelled as rear facing to 18 kg! 🙂 

As you can see, white box and clearly labled! :)

As you can see, white box and clearly labled! 🙂
Photos by:

//Q: Was this info helpful to you? 🙂


7 thoughts on “The ‘Joie Stages’ now @ Babies R Us

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  3. I really wanted to buy the Stages, as we don’t own a car and need something that is inexpensive and easily installed (no tethers, no bases, no latch, no isofix, etc) for use in and out of my in-laws’ car, my parents’ car, taxis, etc. I went to look at the Joie Stages in the store. My daughter, who is a year old this week, is of average height (somewhere between 70-75 cm), but weighs very little (only 6.5 kg). When I looked at the Joie Stages, it has the pillow insert up to 9 kg, which I would need to use for my featherweight daughter. But, the harness height can not be adjusted higher when using the pillow insert, and because my daughter’s height is that of a normal 1 year old (and she probably won’t hit 9 kg until she’s closer to 2 years old), I won’t be able to use the pillow insert because it’s too short! But the pillow insert is necessary until 9kg. . . Meaning that this car seat might not be useable for her. Any idea about this? Thanks!

    • Hello NL! 🙂

      How wonderful that you are thinking of buying the Joie Stages!
      I am happy to tell you that you do not have to use the infant insert. 🙂 The KG on the insert is a max weight for it to be used, it doesn’t mean you have to use it until 9kg. 🙂
      So I hope you get good use of your Stages! 😀

      I understand you correctly in wanting to rear face? 🙂

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